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Escape Prevention Mineral Oil 10ml

Escape Prevention Mineral Oil 10ml

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Contents: 10 ml

Color: transparent, oily

Material: paraffin oil-based

Advantage: Can be applied on all smooth surfaces such as glass or plastic:
Disadvantage: In large colonies, the animals can spread by entering the oil surface, the oil on the disc, so that needs to be cleaned the disc over time.

Application: The film should be applied at the inner edge of about 3 times as wide as the ants are long, without dripping.

Renewal: 2-4 months, depending on colony size and season.

Note: Animals should only come with the "feet" in contact with the oil. In large drop formation is a risk that the animals with the head get in the drops and can choke on oil. This product is from Canada Ant Colony. The full catalogue, including all variants, can be found at
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