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ANTCUBE Liquid Feeder 2ml - dosable

ANTCUBE Liquid Feeder 2ml - dosable

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I really can't understate the value of giving your ants sugar 24/7. They have food at all times, will grow faster, and more consistently than colonies given sugar intermittently. If you're worried about how much sugar you need for your ants, this is your solution.
Let your ants tell you how much sugar they need by themselves :)

Dimensions: 30x40x50 mm, 2 ml

1x foot with 1x 2.5mm opening (1-2 mm can be dosed).
1x ant food tube

Material: PMMA, PS

Description: With this dispenser the ants inside a formicarium can feed themselves with the offered food. Ideal also for the vacation season. The 2ml ant food tubes can be inserted into the base. Due to the insertion depth, the available amount of food can be dosed. The dispenser with the 2,5mm wide outlet is suitable for all our food in powder form, as well as the minor and media grain mixes.

Colors: transparent

This product is from Canada Ant Colony. The full catalogue, including all variants, can be found at
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