Manica hunteri (Hunter's Ruby Ant)

Manica hunteri (Hunter's Ruby Ant)

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Manica hunteri, or the Hunter's Ruby Ant is a high elevation species, dwelling at the tops of the Rocky Mountains. They are large, with queens ranging from 6.5 to 7.5 mm and workers from 4.5 to 6 mm. Little is known about the biology of these ants. They are semi-claustral and accept a fairly wide range of foods in captivity, although they appear to require a very diverse diet and will need to change between multiple food sources. It's theorized that these ants may hunt workers of other species in the wild, and they are frequently found next to Formica nests in the wild. It has been said that these ants can be fed off of ant brood as well.

Heat is vital for this species, and it is recommended to keep them above 27 degrees Celsius. At room temperature, they take 2 years to develop to the worker stage. If heated, they will mature in a little more than 1.5 months.

Test tube inserts are upgrades to the test tube setups provided. If purchased, they come with a dark hood to lower light levels for the colony, an insert which provides a living space, and a feeding insert to provide food for the colony.

Ungrouted inserts are a blank plastic insert which helps provide a more suitable space for the ants to grip (as opposed to glass tubes), while grouted inserts are bedded with a substrate which helps distribute humidity more evenly throughout the test tube, and helps certain ants create their cocoons more easily. Overall, grouted inserts are more comfortable for the ants.

You will NOT need an insert for colonies in test tubes, but it does help for certain species. IF you are moving the ants into a nest immediately, do NOT get a test tube insert.

Hey! This is a live product. If you are purchasing ants during the winter months, please remember to purchase the "Winter Shipping (Live Guarantee) (72 hour heat pack + 1 inch foam cushion)" in order to guarantee the order.

Just a warning, we will NOT ship live ants into the US unless the receiver has a permit. If such an order is made, it will be refunded, minus a 10% processing fee and restocking fee

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