Foranto Wood Nests- 8.5cm x 12cm

Foranto Wood Nests- 8.5cm x 12cm

FORANTO Woodnests
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FORANTO wood nests are some of the most aesthetically pleasing wood formicaria in the market. These nests are particularly suitable for wood nesting species that require no internal nest humidity, such as Camponotus spp.  This product is from Canada Ant Colony. The full catalogue, including all variants, can be found at

These are estimates as to the full number of ants that can be placed in the nest. The stated values are the BARE MINIMUM. It is recommended to add more workers than the minimum, ideally at least double or triple the quantity.

Small Ants

200 - 2250 workers

Medium Ants

100 - 750 workers

Large Ants

50 - 250 workers

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