Colonial Ants Test Tube Insert

Colonial Ants Test Tube Insert

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Our Founding Ant Colony Test Tube Kit is a 20 mm test tube that includes the following:

-1 Test tube
-1 Test tube shroud
-1 Flat surface with drain
- 2 stands
-1 Feeding insert
-1 Cotton Ball
-1 Sponge

DOES NOT INCLUDE ANTS. However, we do sell these alongside colonies at a discount under "Test Tube Insert"

The test tube is made out of glass and has an interior dimension of roughly 14 or 17mm wide.

Our shroud is 3d printed in Black. This item allows your new colony to have an easy way for it's owner to cover them from light sources. The shroud is printed over sized so that it does not snag on the test tube disturbing the colony when being moved back and forth.

Please note current setups that are printed may be white or clear. I will ensure that all orders mailed have the same colors and are not mismatched. The shroud will always be black.

Our flat 3D printed surface provides a place for your colony to start that is not a rounded glass floor - VERY unnatural!. This surface will not fall to the other side if the tube is flipped 180º. A small drain is cut into the bottom allowing for drainage in case the cotton ball begins to leak. This feature will slow the flooding of the tube allowing the water to flow towards the cotton plug of the tube in case of an emergency. This allows the owner to have more time to prevent destruction of the colony in case of flooding.

Each setup comes with 2 stands. With our stands you no longer have to worry about your tube rolling across a surface not only disturbing the colony but potentially destroying it if it rolls off a table onto the floor. These stands are intentionally over sized to prevent snagging on the tube when moving. The loose fit allows for simple adjustment. The leg height of the tubes allows for a heating cable to be run beneath the tube if wanted.

The feeding insert allows for simple feeding of the colony. Simply place what items you want to feed your ants on the flat surface and replace the cotton ball stopper with the insert (be sure to pack in a piece of cotton ball to the top hooded portion of this insert to prevent escape and provide ventilation. When done feeding remove the insert, reinsert cotton ball stopper and clean feeder insert. This insert is intentionally undersized to prevent snagging and to allow easy insertions and removal. We do not recommend this insert being used with small ants who could escape or be crushed attempting to escape. Do not fully insert the feeder into the tube (It should be seated flush at most), leave enough sticking out to allow you to remove it when finished. It can be tricky to remove if you insert it all the way into the tube.

Please note that all items are made by myself and will have minor visual imperfections from the printing process. Many parts have been hand fitted and sanded for each individual tube