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Ungrouted 20mm Colonial Ants Test Tube Upgrade Kit

Ungrouted 20mm Colonial Ants Test Tube Upgrade Kit

Colonial Ants
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Our Founding Ant Colony Test Tube Kit is a 20 mm test tube that includes the following:

-1 Test tube
-1 Test tube shroud
-1 Flat surface with drain
- 2 stands
-1 Feeding insert
-1 Cotton Ball

DOES NOT INCLUDE ANTS. However, we do sell these alongside colonies at a discount under "Test Tube Insert"

Comes with a test tube, which is the most common way to keep ants.

A flat insert, either grouted or ungrouted, is provided as a living area for the ants. It reduces the slippiness of the glass and creates natural fissures for the ants to store their brood. Generally, grouted inserts are better than ungrouted inserts.

A test tube shroud is provided, which is a way for the user to provide the ants with a darker area.

A feeding insert which is used to provide food to the colony

Some stands which provide a way to secure the test tube in an easily observable area, and prevent the test tube from rolling around.

Image Credits: Colonial Ants, Ant Network

This product is from Canada Ant Colony. The full catalogue, including all variants, can be found at

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