Por Amor Art FormiFeeder Combo

Por Amor Art FormiFeeder Combo

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Care Instructions

Wash with soapy hot water. Rinse throughly.

Not dishwasher safe.

Do not over tighten the glass bottle onto the feeding lid, this is not necessary. 

Alternatively if you have a small species that drowns easily or your ants know how to flood the surrounding dish, you can insert a small loose piece of cotton right at the edge of the bottle entrance and screw the feeding base in place, this will restrict the flow of liquids and also makes it easier to flip without spilling. 

FormiFeeder is a mess free way to feed liquids! This combo ensures you have a FormiFeeder for all your ant needs at an affordable price. Easy to use just fill with your feed of choice, screw on the base and flip.


The combo includes, 3 FormiFeeders  (5ml + 10ml + 16ml) suggested for protein, sugar and water.




  1. Standard thread makes it easy to use and  fits other readily available glass jars
  2. One feeder lid fits all of our sizes.
  3. It features a small built-in dish to keep small spills contained
  4. Has 16 feeding tunnels that release liquid horizontally to minimize spills
  5. Made with durable, sturdy ABS plastic can stand hot water up to 90c.


TIP for liquid feeders: if you are having a hard time not spilling liquids after filling and turning around (requires a quick steady flip); simply put a slim circle of cotton on the inside of the feeder enough to cover up the feeding tunnels, when you screw the jar in, its edge should press just slightly against the cotton, this will make it easy to turn over without spills and also will prevent ants from entering the glass jar when empty, ants will enter the tunnel encounter a cotton wall soaked with liquid instead of unrestricted access inside, we recommend using this method at all times as it is safer and renews a clean cotton each fill