HappyAnt Ant farm - Nest Module

HappyAnt Ant farm - Nest Module

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The module is the home for your ants where they live, sleep, eat and protect themselves. It is also the part of the nest where the queen stays and lays new eggs. It basically simulates the underground chambers dug in the soil in nature.

The module is made only out of the best quality materials, keeping ease of maintenance and durability in mind. The hexagonal white plastic box with six holes is a fundamental part of the ant nest. Then there is the transparent plexiglass through which you can watch the ants and a removable red cover whose position is secured by magnets. Inside there is a cork desk, providing natural environment for ants and keeping the right amount of humidity inside the nest. The water can be easily added through the holes on the sides. The cork desk can be replaced if needed.

 Each module comes with six white plugs to seal the holes on the sides and four clips to connect the arenas and modules together.

Technical parameters:

Chamber depth: 10 mm
Hole diameter: 8 mm
Total depth: 20 mm
Outer side to side: 120 mm