Natural 2 Chamber Ytong Nest - Canada Ant Colony
Natural 2 Chamber Ytong Nest - Canada Ant Colony
Natural 2 Chamber Ytong Nest - Canada Ant Colony

Natural 2 Chamber Ytong Nest

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These gorgeous Ytong nests have been precision crafted using high tech CNC. Based on our original two-chamber model, these are a proven success for many ant species.

This nest has been sealed to help with moisture retention, and to preserve the natural look of the Ytong. Ytong has long been heralded as one of the best materials for constructing ant nests. It is the premier brand of AAC, with far greater structural integrity than others available on the market. This means that there are fewer internal cracks, holes, and imperfections. Ytong has natural wicking ability and is able to keep a humid environment where required for moisture-loving species. Each of these Ytong nests are now made with precision CNC cutting technology with the interior chambers being routed for equal depth and symmetry.

Good ventilation is vital for any formicarium to avoid stagnant air. In the wild, the ants would create a ventilation tunnel network to achieve this. The acrylic covers have 0.3mm ventilation to ensure air exchange. This also helps with temperature gradients inside, which is pivotal for all species and their brood.

This two-chamber nest has deep internal chambers of 15mm, and will accommodate both small and large species with ease. The hydration chamber contains a high-density medical grade sponge to help keep the nest moisture as you intend.

The exterior of the nests has been treated with several coats of inert, ant safe, waterproof product. This seals over 95% of the porous Ytong, helping to retain humidity whilst letting the nest breathe.

All of these nests are made from genuine Ytong AAC, and have two vents in the clear cast acrylic viewing window.

Dimensions: Overall size: 90 x 80 x 30mm


1 x Two-chamber Ytong nest

1 x length of 10mm OD tubing

1 x Red acrylic cover

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