Red Harvester Ants for Uncle Milton-style Farms

Red Harvester Ants for Uncle Milton-style Farms

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I will make this extremely clear.

I do think these Gel Ant farms are not viable, and I believe they should be avoided whenever possible.

As in, please dump out the gel and substitute with a soil.

On the other hand, I prefer that these ants be used instead of queens which could found actual colonies. Before you buy any of the harvester ants here, I urge you to please do a bit more research into modern ant-keeping, which will be more rewarding, and will be much more interesting learning experience for you and/or your kid.

Feel free to start reading from the "Beginner" Portal in the menu at the top of the page

Why keep ants?

So does ant-keeping work?

There are so many species! What do I pick 

Ant keeping "Shopping List" 

Queens of Red Harvester Ants Can Be Found Here:

Pogonomyrmex occidentalis – Canada Ant Colony 

If you still believe these are best for you, we supply them in groups of 30 and 60 workers, since we have a big excess due to a breeding project for the species

These ants also have very powerful stings! Please apply ice to the area until the pain subsides. If they persist, call a physician or family doctor.

These ants do not come with a queen, and can be fed with a mixture of seeds, nuts (preferably grinded up), fish flakes, honey/sugar water.


So If You Don't Approve Of Them, Why Do You Sell Them?

Our stated purpose from the start has been to make ant keeping, especially in Canada, as accessible as possible. I personally do not consider many of the Uncle Milton fashion methods as a rewarding form "ant keeping", but it does act as a gateway. I know many people who went from these types of farms to more "full" ant-keeping, but never the other way around.

I've gotten dozens of emails asking for ants for a farm which was purchased by a friend/family member. I believe that many people drop the idea of keeping ants when they can't find any, and overall that removes people from the hobby. 

Either way, I have a large excess from a breeding project for Pogonomyrmex occidentalis (Western Harvester Ants), and no room to keep them,