Tarheel Ants Mini Hearth Starter Kit - Canada Ant Colony

Tarheel Ants Mini Hearth Starter Kit

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The Ultimate all-in-one starter kit, this beginner kit is perfect for new ant-keepers, and is great for all of our beginner species, as well as most of our intermediate species. 

* Photo not to scale 


A chosen ant colony of one of the following

  • Camponotus pennsylvannicus queen + 1-5 workers
  • Lasius americanus  queen + 1-5 workers
  • Formica subsericea queen + 1-5 workers
  • Formica limata queen + 1-5 workers/pupae
  • Myrmica rubra 3 queens 15-20 workers
  • N/A (Nothing)

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