About Us

I started ant-keeping in 2015, and was always frustrated about being unable to get the species I wanted, and when they were for sale, were at exorbitant prices. 

At the time, when I wanted to buy any formicaria or ant-keeping supplies, I could only find sources outside of Canada, and had to deal with international shipping and high customs fees in order to get what I needed. Being a student with no employment, I sold ants in order to fund my hobby.

In early 2019, I started Canada Ant Colony, with the mission to provide a wide variety of ant species at prices even I would have been able to afford when I first started keeping ants. 

It was this first year, where we were able to bring many new species to the Canadian market, such as Pogonomyrmex occidentalis, and expand access for others.

We also have constantly been bringing formicaria and ant-keeping supplies from around the world from reputable sources to make sure that Canadians will be able to.