Refund Policy/Live Guarantee

- All ants which arrive dead will be reshipped or refunded free of charge. We will ask for evidence in the form of pictures, and a refund or reshipment cannot be provided without them. Don't throw away the dead ants!

- The above term is in exception during winter shipping. During the months of November through March, customers will be required to purchase winter shipping to receive the live guarantee. Do NOT order when nighttime temperatures in your area are under -25 degrees Celsius.

- Ants which arrive alive, but die within 2 weeks will be refunded/reshipped at our discretion for deaths which cannot be attributed to the neglect of the receiver

- All orders can be cancelled/altered before they are packed and shipped (the following Monday)

- All supplies may be returned/refunded if a request for within 14 days of receipt. AND the item is undamaged. However, the recipient will be required resend the package and all shipping cost is paid by the recipient (with the exception of anything sold live)

- Refunds may be requested through email and our contact form, with an image of the product beforehand a refund, if all the conditions are met, a refund will be given within 2 business days.