Shipping Policy


Unless I am otherwise able to accommodate, ALL orders ship on the next Monday following the date at which the payment is made. 

Some weeks, we add an additional shipping date on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Non-Canadian customers who buy live ants from us will have their orders refunded. There is also a 10% restocking fee, which encompasses the restocking, payment processing fee, currency conversion fee, etc. 

Note: This does not apply for orders where the customer asks for a refund before packing begins.





Live Guarantee is ONLY offered for orders which are shipped with a shipping service 3 days or faster or faster, and in brief,

DeadOnArrival claims...
1. Must be emailed, called, texted, or submitted on live chat within 24 hours of receipt
2. Timestamped photos are required
3. Guarantees are VOID with expedited shipping
4. Guarantee are VOID if the set up used is not suitable for the ants, unless it can be proven that deaths occurred BEFORE moving the ants into the set up. These inadequate set ups include but are not limited to....
a. Gel farms
b. Sandwich style plastic ant farms (e.g. Dan & Darci, Uncle Milton)
5. If shipping is more than 30% of order value, then only a refund is offered for total DOA
6. Partial DOA is ONLY covered by store credit, using a gift card
7. Takes effect for orders placed after september 1
8. Winter shipping AND Xpresspost required starting October 15 or in any areas where temperatures go below 0 C

We currently ship exclusively with Canadapost and FedEx. Rates are calculated during the check out process and prior to payment. So if you're curious about shipping costs and options, add some things to your basket to initiate a checkout. Rates are calculated in real time based on your location. However, if you message us beforehand, we will choose another shipping option. However, you will be billed for the shipping and payment must be sent for the package to be shipped out. 

You may choose to have the ants delivered to your home mail box. However we cannot honor any DOA issues with this shipment method.  Packages delivered to residential addresses spend more time in the Canada post truck and are therefore at a higher risk of damage.  For more information on Canada Post Flex Delivery, see this link|pdn|lh|297

To verify shipping time, Visit the link below and type L4S 1P3 in the sender area and the recipient's postal code in the receiver area.


Here is how we pack our ants

1. Each species is labeled. Colonies in test tubes will be wrapped in bubble wrap as will colonies in formicaria.
2. All colonies are put in a small box with packing peanuts to fill up any remaining space, along with a packing slip with the contents of the shipment

By keeping the shipment as small and compact as possible, we are able to offer low shipping rates.