Fertility Guarantees

We now offer extended Live Guarantees and Fertility Guarantees as follows!


We guarantee the survival of fully claustral queens for a full month after arrival. Should a queen die within a month, we will refund her, or reship her.

We guarantee the survival of parasitic and semi-claustral queens for 2 weeks after arrival. These queens require immediate feeding, and all our semi claustral and parasitic queens are fed immediately before shipment.


In the winter, we increase packing fees by around 5$ in order to accomodate for heat packs, extra insulation, etc. However, Xpresspost must be chosen for a live guarantee upon arrival, though proof that the queen arrived alive must be provided within 24 hours of arrival

- We will ask for evidence in the form of pictures, and a refund or reshipment cannot be provided without them. Don't throw away the dead ants!

- Ants which arrive alive, but die within 2 weeks will be refunded/reshipped at our discretion for deaths which cannot be attributed to the neglect of the receiver

- All orders can be cancelled/altered before they are packed and shipped (the following Monday)

- All supplies may be returned/refunded if a request for within 14 days of receipt. However, the recipient must resend the package and all shipping cost is paid by the recipient


We will guarantee fertility of all fully-claustral queens, and are willing too reship any queens which do not lay eggs under the following conditions

- Queen is kept above 25 degrees

- Queen has been fed at least once within the guarantee period

- Claim is made within reasonable time from which the queen will lay eggs.

Aphaenogaster are expected to lay eggs within 2 weeks of collection. The collection date is in the first 2 weeks of August.

Brachymyrmex are expected to lay eggs within 1 month of capture (August Capture) OR hibernation, in queens caught in September, but we offer this guarantee ONLY when they are provided substrate in their setups.

Camponotus are expected to lay eggs within 2 weeks during the Spring flight. Any queens collected/purchased in the fall will overwinter before laying eggs.

Crematogaster are expected to lay eggs within 2 weeks when overwintered.

Formica queens sometimes lay eggs after overwintering, and sometimes lay eggs before. This division is usually 20/80. We offer a guarantee that they will lay eggs within 2 weeks of being removed from hibernation.  However, they will usually lay eggs before

Lasius americanus will lay eggs within 2 weeks of capture. 

All other Lasius will usually lay eggs after hibernation.

Prenolepis queens are expected to lay eggs 2 weeks within collection in late May.

Temnothorax queens are expected to lay eggs within 2 weeks of collection, and are collected continuously throughout July and August.

Tetramorium queens are expected to lay eggs 2 weeks within collection in early July.