Permit Conditions

Please read and review this page prior to purchase.

Canada Ant Colony LLC is a registered and licensed distributor of ants in Canada. Canada Ant Colony will abide by permit conditions set forth by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for the distribution of all imported ants.

Canada Ant Colony LLC is licensed through CFIA-ACIA Plant Protections Program. Canada Ant Colony will not engage any trade of any regulated (e.g. ants who, or whose progeny were obtained from outside of Canada) unauthorized by the CFIA. Canada Ant Colony is authorized in rearing and distributing all species found to be native to Canada.

Canada Ant Colony may provide a signed copy of the permit with each order as evidence of the legal import, stating the quantity and species from that purchase. Anyone using our permits to represent organisms not obtained from Canada Ant Colony LLC (e.g. keeping or distributing illegally imported animals under our permits) may be be prosecuted federally.

It is imperative you follow the permit conditions outlined within the permit sent with your order. Canada Ant Colony LLC will not participate in fueling the illegal trade, so please do not ask us to sell you organisms which are not permitted within the scope of our import permits or within the scope of what has been authorized to us by the CFIA.

Our permits are change continually continue to be updated indefinitely. For if any reason the ant you are in search for is not available, please contact us, given that there is evidence that it will not damage Canadian or foreign plant life if established, and is unable to establish in Canada.

Environmental Awareness: Permit Number and Paper Copy Sent with All Shipments

CFIA Plant Protection Service


Any live organisms you receive marked "Tropical" are regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency through a permit issued to the Biological Supply Company. A permit is necessary because these organisms could pose some risk to agriculture or the environment if misused.

Your cooperation is essential to ensure the proper disposal of these live organisms when you are finished with your use

TO PROTECT your environment you must follow these procedures

  • Do not distribute the organism to anyone without the above information.
  • Do not release the organisms outdoors.
  • To dispose of the received ants, place them in plastic bags and
  1. Immerse them in 10% Clorox solution for 8 hours
  2. Pour rubbing alcohol into the plastic bag and wait one hour
  3. Place the ants in the bag in the freezer for 8 hours and
  4. Microwave them for 1 minute prior to disposal.

If you have any questions about the handlingkeepingor disposal of these organismsplease contact your supplier, Canada Ant Colony LLC