What Ants Should I Start With?

To make it easier to choose what to buy (for beginners) I've compiled this brief summary of a couple beginner species we find people like.

Aphaenogaster (Winnow Ants) - Very 'elegant' looking ants, but can be messy. They often form relationships with the local plant life (They spread Trillium seeds, for example). Little to no social stomach (internal food storage), so they need a more constant supply of food

Crematogaster (Acrobat ants) - arguably one of the most popular ants, fast growing, lots of personality, likes a lot of food and heat, but relatively small, create huge colonies. Will form long trails

Camponotus (Carpenter ants) - A bit slower growing than most, but very large (up to 2cm), also creates major workers (think soldier ants) later on.

Lasius (cornfield ants) - Faster growing, "basic" ant, relatively small, mid sized colonies (Low thousands)

Formica (Field Ants) - Very fast, large, can become very aggressive when over 50 workers, easily spooked and panicky, larger colonies, slow growth in the first year and explodes in the second or third

Tetramorium (Pavement Ants) - Impossible to fail, will eat certain types of seeds, explosive growth, rather small

 Of course, we have full kits available here 

Kits – Canada Ant Colony (canada-ant-colony.com)

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