Ant keeping "Shopping List"

This here is a brief breakdown of what you might need/want to buy for your ants


Of course, if you don't have the time to go through everything, we have full kits here

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Obviously! I personally recommend anything from the beginner section. To be clear, this is the  only thing you need for the first while, but everything else will make your ants do better and make your experience easier.

Here's a link to Beginner ants in stock


Test tubes (each colony already comes in one) are usually adequate for a couple months. I personally recommend keeping them in these setups for as long as possible (until the water runs dry or the ants get too large). We have test tube inserts as well which make them more habitable.

Test Tubes

Test Tube Inserts

Formicaria are for larger, more advanced colonies, usually for small colonies they are not needed/optional


Outworlds are for colonies to forage. We have many outworlds, including ones specialized for test tubes. These are optional for smaller colonies

Test Tube Outworld

Decorated Outworlds


Ants need a source of protein and a source of liquid sugars. Usually you can find sugars in your own pantry, but protein can come in the form of our feeder insect cultures, or preserved insects (we have those too!)

We also sell our own source of liquid sugars (pre-mixed for ants), as well as liquid feeders, which are essentially automatic liquid dispensaries for ants at their convenience. You may also find pipettes and tweezers useful for moving food, and especially for cleaning, but they are optional by  all means.



liquid feeders

sunburst ant nectar

feeder insects


Most ants like temperatures much hotter than room temperature. If your home goes below 25 degrees while your ants are out, I would highly recommend a heat cable, as it will mean your ants grow faster, are more active, etc.

We sell two heating cables here and here

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