Politique de remboursement

Live Queen Ants and Colonies

Any shipments that are a total or partial loss can be reshipped or a refund of the ants (minus shipping) may be given.  It is up to you. However, this Live guarantee is only offered for ants when Canada Post Xpresspost is chosen and if temperatures are below -5 Celsius. We are not responsible for deaths that occur in these temperatures if a shipping option that takes over 3 days is chosen. In the winter months, we require you to have a Canada Post Flex address to qualify for our live arrival guarantee. 

You may choose to have the ants delivered to your home mailbox. However, we cannot honor any DOA issues with this shipment method.  Packages delivered to residential addresses spend more time in the Canada post truck and are therefore at a higher risk of damage.  For more information on Canada Post Flex Delivery, see this link

If the ants arrive in perfectly healthy condition, customers are not eligible for refunds. Due to the fact that the ants may perish on a hot day if left alone in the mailbox, requests for refunds must be sent within 5 days of receipt.


Formicaria and antkeeping supplies

Should any formicaria arrive damaged to an unusable point, a full refund will be offered. If any formicaria arrive partially damaged a partial refund may be offered or a full refund if the customer sends the formicaria back. Canada Colony is in no way responsible for paying this shipping.

Customers may also be eligible for refunds on formicaria within 30 days, following the same procedure as if the formicarium was partially damaged.


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