byFormica® Liquid Feeder Mini (6pc) - Canada Ant Colony

byFormica® Liquid Feeder Mini (6pc)

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I really can't understate the value of giving your ants sugar 24/7. They have food at all times, will grow faster, and more consistently than colonies given sugar intermittently. If you're worried about how much sugar you need for your ants, this is your solution.

Let your ants tell you how much they need by themselves :)
  • Small and sturdy gravity-assisted liquid feeder designed especially for ants, featuring different glass container sizes for more versatility
  • 12 feeding ports around the plastic base allow feeding and discovery from any direction, and micro-capillary channels ensure easy access to liquid
  • Package contains (6) Mini liquid feeder bases, (6) 5 ml glass screw-on vials and (6) 1.5 ml glass screw-on vials
  • Assembled height is 25, 32, and 52 mm for each vial size, respectively. Glass vials screw onto 25 mm diameter threaded plastic base.
  • Low evaporation rate allows for up to 4 weeks between refills.  Sunburst Ant Nectar liquid food sold separately. Improved, more durable design features a 1 year replacement warranty with the manufacturer.