Camponotus americanus (American Carpenter Ant)

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I personally despise American Carpenter Ants. These ants are one of the perfect species. In fact, it would be my favorite native species. These ants are extremely large, with minor workers as large as 12mm and queens approaching 18mm. Majors of the species reach 17mm. These ants were previously classified under the Tanaemyrmex subgenus, which can be distinguished by their thinner heads. The heads of these carpenter ants are thinner and contain less muscle, as they are soil nesting ants rather than wood nesting carpenter ants. They're also crepuscular, appearing only at dawn and dusk. These ants appear in a limited number of habitats in Canada. Oak forests, oak savannah, and juniper shrublands, which are habitats on the brink of destruction.

Now, despite having found multiple populations and sites of the species, I've been absolutely unable to obtain any queens. They're easy ants, kept around 50% humidity and around 25 degrees Celsius. Being a northern species of Carpenter ants, lower temperatures are more acceptable for the species, and it in fact aids their gut bacteria.

Test tube inserts are upgrades to the test tube setups provided. If purchased, they come with a dark hood to lower light levels for the colony, an insert which provides a living space, and a feeding insert to provide food for the colony.

Ungrouted inserts are a blank plastic insert which helps provide a more suitable space for the ants to grip (as opposed to glass tubes), while grouted inserts are bedded with a substrate which helps distribute humidity more evenly throughout the test tube, and helps certain ants create their cocoons more easily. Overall, grouted inserts are more comfortable for the ants.

You will NOT need an insert for colonies in test tubes, but it does help for certain species. IF you are moving the ants into a nest immediately, do NOT get a test tube insert.

Hey! This is a live product. If you are purchasing ants during the winter months, please remember to purchase the "Winter Shipping (Live Guarantee) (72 hour heat pack + 1 inch foam cushion)" in order to guarantee the order.

Just a warning, we will NOT ship live ants into the US unless the receiver has a permit. If such an order is made, it will be refunded, minus a 10% processing fee and restocking fee

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