Roach Colony Starter Kit

Roach Colony Starter Kit

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This Starter Kit Contains many of the items needed or helpful in starting a colony of discoid roaches. Appropriate for an approx. 20 gallon vented or open top container. (Does not contain insects or container). We recommend a clean-up crew suitable for drier environments as well.

This kit is suitable for australian roaches, red runners, american roaches, discoid roaches, dubia roaches, etc.

This kit contains: 

  • 30cm x 30cm egg crate flats (40ct.)
    • Provides a suitable space for both adult roaches and medium to large nymphs
  • 2.5kg Roach Chow  (1ct.)
    • Add three parts roach chow, two parts water, and feed immediately. This will act as a source of nutrition as well as a source of source of water.
  • Zoo Med Eco Earth Coco Fiber Brick (1 ct.)
    • Expands to 7-8 liters of coco fiber with the addition of water
    • Smaller nymphs seem to love to hide in the substrate, and surface as they grow
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