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Itsa: Larger Ant Nest
Itsa: Larger Ant Nest
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Itsa: Larger Ant Nest

Itsa: Ant Nests
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Itsa: Ant Nest is what it says on the box! It's a simple nest using an innovative evaporative hydration system, with a capillary action system which pumps water up into the absorbent hydration tile above. This design features a modular all-in-one design with a 10cm x 10cm nest.

(Photos are temporary and not fully representative of the final product)

What features come with the Itsa: Ant Nest?

  • Magnetically Removable Museum Glass
  • Detachable Foraging Area
  • Modular nesting space
  • Capillary-action based hydration tile
  • Professionally molded nest, using ultracal

What comes in the box?

  • Syringe for hydration (blunt tip)
  • Feeding Dish
  • Nest and Foraging Area
  • Stopper for connection port
  • Steel-tipped

This product is from Canada Ant Colony. The full catalogue, including all variants, can be found at

These are estimates as to the full number of ants that can be placed in the nest. The stated values are the BARE MINIMUM. It is recommended to add more workers than the minimum, ideally at least double or triple the quantity.

Small Ants

135-2700 workers

Medium Ants

90-900 workers

Large Ants

45-300 workers

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