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Buckeye Myrmecology Stick Nest - Small

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The Stick Nest Small is a versatile nest intended for species that naturally nest in small, thin spaces. It can be used as a founding nest for medium sized species such as Camponotus species in the Myrmentoma subgenus, or even as a mature nest for Temnothorax species. Some other genera that the nest will accommodate at various sizes are Colobopsis, Crematogaster, Pseudomyrmex, and Tapinoma. The nest’s 7 millimeter inside width and 6mm inside height is thin enough to mimic their natural nesting habitat, yet still provide comfortable space for the queens.

This nest is extremely small, as it is for ants which nest in..sticks. For those species, it will last well over a year despite the size (Consider yourself warned)

Nest Dimensions 2.5 × 1.5 × .7 in

The nest entrances fit 3/8 inch outer diameter, 1/4 inch inner diameter tubing.

To wash nest, disassemble and hand wash in hot water. Let dry, and reassemble.

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