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Tarheel Ants Nucleus

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General Information:

The Nucleus is a double-sided formicarium from Tar Heel Ants.  The Nucleus formicaria have a number of features that make them different than other formicaria products.  Features such as a two-sided nest, removable glass panels on both sides, substrate-coated chambers, nestmates watering system and water towers, magnetically detachable foraging area, and professionally carved Ytong nest make the Nucleus unique.


  • Type III Material
  • Nest Block Size 4x8x4 inches (100mm x 200mm x 100mm)
  • Foraging Area Size 4x8x4 inches (100mm x 200mm x 100mm)
  • 3 Large Water Towers (Screen covered apparatus inside habitat for humidity)
  • Opposite sides connected by access tunnels (allows sectioning of this formicarium)
  • Acrylic friction-fitting lid for foraging area
  • Magnetically removable foraging area
  • Stainless steel mesh vent
  • Choice of side panel color
  • Magnetically removable glass
  • Sand-coated chambers giving your ants multiple surfaces for the various stage of development.
  • 1/2" side entry port for connection to other habitats
  • Nestmates are optional, contact us for availability.

Information from tarheelants.com

This product is from Canada Ant Colony. The full catalogue, including all variants, can be found at https://canada-ant-colony.com

These are estimates as to the full number of ants that can be placed in the nest. The stated values are the BARE MINIMUM. It is recommended to add more workers than the minimum, ideally at least double or triple the quantity.

Small Ants

2000 - 18000 workers

Medium Ants

750 - 6000 workers

Large Ants

250 - 3000 workers

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