Test Tube Port - 3 Tube 9.5

Test Tube Port - 3 Tube 9.5

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These test tube ports make it very easy to expand the capabilities of test tubes within the ant keeping hobby.  A simple example, the 2 port option is perfect for test tube transfers, or that initial expansion a new colony needs without connecting a big nest, giving too much space is often the number one mistake we make when starting. 

The Port is designed to have as little empty space within its tunnels to avoid ants using it as a chamber, encouraging them to keep the port clean so it is only used for traffic.

The Port aligns perfectly to the back hole opening of our out-worlds, you can skip the hose between them by gluing it directly on the back with a tiny bit of fish tank safe silicone, this allows you to use the entire inside diameter. 

Includes, test tube port with rear stand, silicone fittings for each tube, an entrance plug and 5 cm of  vinyl tubing.

Test Tubes Not Included. Uses 16 MM test tubes.

Tubing size 9.5mm (3/8 Inch)

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