Tarheel Ants Fallen Fortress - Canada Ant Colony

Tarheel Ants Fallen Fortress

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The Fallen Fortress is a new formicarium combination from Tar Heel Ants. This design for your ant colonies features a foraging area magnetically attached to the back of a 100mm x 100mm x 50mm nest.

All Fortress formicaria come with 2 connection ports, one for the nest to connect to other formicaria nest areas or foraging areas, and one in the foraging area.

What features come with the standard Fortress?

  • This formicarium comes with a nestmate (see nestmate video here).
  • Large Water Tower (15 ml capacity)
  • Magnetically Removable Glass
  • Detachable Foraging Area
  • Micro-fine stainless steel mesh vent
  • Professionally molded nest, Type III
  • Type III Material is a much harder material sand-coated for naturalistic feel and better for destructive species such as Pogonomyrmex spp.,Tetramorium spp., Solenopsis spp.

What comes in the box?

  • Mini Liquid Feeder
  • Syringe for hydration (blunt tip)
  • Feeding Dish
  • Nest and Foraging Area
  • Stopper for connection port
  • Nestmate and stopper

Information from tarheelants.com